Remove Pet Odors from Carpets, Drapes and Furniture – Cleaning Tips

When cleaning up after a pet, it is important to address the carpet pad beneath, as this will absorb liquids. Check the manufacturers website, or contact a cleaning professional for suggestions regarding how to best clean the pad.

Do you need to eliminate odors from your furniture? Using carpet and upholstery deodorizers with baking soda is one of the best ways to get rid of unpleasant odors. You can even use plain baking soda in some cases, since it can trap the invisible molecules that cause the odors.

Have you ever noticed that fabric window treatments, such as drapes, retain the smell of foods and other odors in your home? Let us install new blinds, which do not absorb the odors in your home.

Did you know that one of the biggest problems pet owners have is pet odors in their carpets? Pet urine can soak through the backing of your carpet and create a multi-layered problem that can be very difficult to get rid of.

If you have pets and are getting new carpeting, ask the retailer or installer to use a carpet pad that has been treated to fight pet odors, in the event of an accident.

Window Blinds and Drapes Professionally Cleaned – Cleaning Tips By FiberCare Dallas

Did you know that harmful bacteria and viruses such as MRSA, Sars, Avian Flu, E. coli, and Salmonella can actually accumulate on your blinds? Regular professional cleanings of your blinds can help increase the overall healthiness of your living space.

Did you know window blinds can help you save money on your utility bill? In the summer, direct sunlight on windows forces your cooling system to work harder. Blinds can lower the temperature in your home by blocking sunlight.

Wood blinds can create a stunning look in a room, but you must be careful that wooden blinds do not warp. We can make sure your wooden blinds remain as stunning as they were the first day on your windows.

If someone in your home has allergies or is otherwise sensitive to common household allergens, then a professional blind cleaning is an absolute must. We will remove allergens such as dust mites, residual nicotine, animal hair, and pollen.

Having your blinds professionally cleaned can actually be good for your computer and other electronic hardware, as it decreases the overall dust and indoor air pollution in your home, which can be quite damaging.

You can actually decrease your carbon footprint by having your window blinds professionally cleaned on a regular basis. This will help preserve your current blinds and make them last much longer, thereby keeping them out of the landfill.

Are you trying to decide between drapes and blinds? One of the benefits of window blinds is that they enhance instead of block the sunlight. Let in some or all of the sun, which is impossible with drapes.

Spring Cleaning Tips – Clean Smarter This Year

Declutter, sort and store before you start cleaning. Place a cardboard box and 2 or 3 garbage bags in each room and fill them as you go.

Breeze through your spring cleaning with these top tips for efficient, effective cleaning. Plus, the four things that will make this year’s spring cleaning even better.

Reduce your cleaning cache to a few multiuse supplies. Microfiber cloths are effective for both washing and drying. All-surface cleaners work on any washable surface, so use the same one on countertops and glass.

You might like working alone, but consider enlisting a partner. Washing windows (one of you inside, the other outside) and vacuuming (have someone move furniture items as you vacuum) are especially productive team tasks.

Start with the most affordable, most convenient cleaner available: tap water. It takes care of most grime, so you won’t go through purchased cleaners as quickly. Before using an expensive cleaner in your bathroom, run a hot shower and fill a sink with water so it can soak.

Give cleaners time to work. Spray, then wait, and you can wipe instead of scrub. Drop a denture-cleaning tablet in the toilet; it will dissolve and clean the bowl’s surface. Let a warm, wet sponge soften a dried-on spill.

Shake Up Your Spring Cleaning Routine

Common household items used in new ways will help you take your spring cleaning routine to the next level. Add these dirt-fighting weapons to your arsenal before you start.

  • The right duster can clean more than your floors. Use a microfiber mop on walls and ceilings. Run the duster along crown moldings to grab particles you can’t see.
  • Used fabric softener sheets are great for removing soapy residue from glass shower doors. Sprinkle a few drops of water on the sheet and scrub-a-dub-dub.
  • A new soft-bristled paintbrush makes a great addition to your cleaning caddy. Use it to brush dust from window tracks, clock radios, wicker furniture, and lampshades.
  • To prevent clogs in the kitchen sink, pour 1/2 cup baking soda then 1/2 cup white vinegar down the drain. After a few minutes, pour in hot water.

From Better Homes and Gardens

Cleaning Tips For Your Carpets, Blinds and Couches

If you have children who enjoy playing in the sprinkler or pool when the weather warms up, consider purchasing seat covers for your chairs and couches to keep them dry and clean.

Your windows, and the blinds on your windows, are one of the first things visitors notice when they arrive at your home. We can help you impress your visitors by keeping the blinds clean.

Once you have brought your new rug home, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully for recommendations on cleaning spills and spots, and what cleaning fluids to avoid. Some cleaners may stain or attract dirt.

If your chair or sofa has arm covers, clean them regularly according to manufacturers’ instructions. While waiting for them to be usable again, use seasonally themed tea towels in their place instead.

If you are using petroleum based carpet or upholstery cleaners, make sure to follow the instructions regarding proper ventilation, and DO NOT smoke while using the product.

One of the best ways to give your carpet a deep cleaning is to steam clean it. This is also known as hot water extraction and involves using a mixture of hot water and detergent to remove dirt and debris from your carpets.

Airborne dust actually makes computer hard drives susceptible to failure. With regular professional window blind cleanings, you can eliminate the amount of dust floating around your home.

There are many benefits to having your blinds professionally cleaned. Not only will this significantly increase the attractiveness of your blinds, but it will eliminate the harmful bacteria that can accumulate there.

When you vacuum your carpet, take a few extra minutes to vacuum your upholstered furniture. Remove the pads and vacuum them, and then vacuum the bed of the chairs and sofas. Use the crevice attachment to clean in the creases.

You can actually decrease your carbon footprint by having your window blinds professionally cleaned on a regular basis. This will help preserve your current blinds and make them last much longer, thereby keeping them out of the landfill.

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