Dress Cleaning

We clean wedding dresses, suits, ties, hats, and just about any item of clothing you care about. Many brides bring their wedding dresses to us to remove stains from their ceremonies and receptions to preserve their garment for decades, allowing them to hand down their precious memories to their children and grandchildren with confidence.

Protect Your Wedding Dress Before the Wedding!

Let us stain-proof your wedding dress before the wedding! We treat your delicate fabrics with out FiberCare Advanced Technology to guard against food stains, wine stains, and cigarette odors. Our anti-stain technology can protect your dress against the sticky hands of children and the accidental messes of toddlers.

Types of Stains We Clean

Blood stains, pet stains and odors, urine and feces, cigarette odors, wine stains, food stains, oil and grease, mud and dirt, dyes and paint.

Dress Cleaning in Dallas-Fort Worth!

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FiberCare Advanced Cleaning Technology

Our FiberCare Advanced Cleaning Technology removes the toughest stains imaginable, restoring colors to their original brightness, and protecting them with our anti-stain, long-lasting finish.

Our dress cleaning service starts with a pre-spray to loosen specific types of stains. We follow it up with an entire spraying with a live enzyme containing a soil releasing agent, then rinse with a special additive. This additive draws soils and stands from your fabrics. We do a final rinse with clean water, then vacuum leaving your clothing nearly dry. Our FiberCare technology also protects your dresses and clothing from future spills and stains.