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Carpet Cleaning in Dallas-Fort Worth

We handle all carpet cleaning jobs no matter how large or small, whether home or business. We are one of the few that will handle small throw rugs too. Our carpet cleaning in Dallas-Fort Worth is among the most sought-after because of how meticulous we are at removing tough stains. Our FiberCare Advanced Cleaning Technology can remove stains that other carpet cleaners can’t get out. It restores carpets and rugs to original colors and adds a layer of protection against future spills and smudges.

Wet Cleaning – For the most effective results, we recommend wet cleaning. First we will vacuum, then we will pre-spray spots to loosen each particular stain. Then we will spray the entire carpet with a live enzyme to release soils and stains. Finally, we rinse the carpet with a special additive. This additive “invites” or “attracts” the soil to it, taking or transferring the soil from out of your carpet. The carpet is then rinsed, using clean (not recycled water), and your carpet is left nearly dry.

Dry Cleaning – Dry cleaning does not use water, but instead a dry cleaning solvent. To dry clean furnishings we pre-spray in small areas with the dry cleaning solvent, then use a variety of brushing and scrubbing techniques to remove spots and heavily soiled areas. Finally we vacuum out the solvent cleaner and repeat on the next area. Silk draperies are cleaned this way, by hand, each spot given individual and detailed attention.

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