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FiberCare is a full-service fabrics cleaning and restoration service.

We clean carpets, curtains, drapes, furniture, upholstery, pillows, linens, clothing, and more. Anything fabric we clean! We serve customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We can either clean at your place of residence or business, or bring items back to our cleaning facility.

Our company has been in business since 1981! We are experienced and skilled in the craft of stain removal, fabric restoration, and fabric protection. Let us serve your home and business for all your cleaning needs!


We can come to your home to clean, or bring pieces back to our cleaning facility. We clean outdoor furniture and carpets too. No home is too large or too small.


We clean stores, restaurants, offices, clinics, factories, and more. Our FiberCare advanced cleaning technology can handle the toughest stains, including blood, ink, oil, grease, and more.


We can remove dirt and stains from car seats, seat covers, baby seats, floors, headliners, dashboard covers, you name it. If your detailer can’t get that stubborn stain out, give us a call.