Drapery Cleaning

Our drapery cleaning service staff will arrive at your home or business to evaluate your curtains and drapes to assess the level of cleaning needed. Fabrics needing only a light cleaning can be handled on site, while tough stains will be taken into our cleaning center for a more comprehensive service. Your curtains and drapes will be cleaned more thoroughly than any competing service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, restoring original colors, and protected against future stains with our FiberCare protection technology.

We care about the results which is why we take as much time as possible to clean thoroughly. We want to be proud of our work. We want to you to be satisfied. We want you as a repeat customer and most of our business is repeat customers.

Types of Stains We Clean

Blood stains, pet stains and odors, urine and feces, wine stains, oil and grease, cigarette odors, mud and dirt, dyes and paint.

Drapery Cleaning in Dallas-Fort Worth

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FiberCare Advanced Cleaning Technology

FiberCare Cleaning Technology removes the toughest stains imaginable, restoring colors to their original brightness, and protecting them with our anti-stain, long-lasting finish.

Wet Cleaning –  is the most effective way to clean curtains and drapes. First we vacuum the big stuff, then we pre-spray spots to loosen specific types of stains. Next we spray the entire drapery with a live enzyme containing a soil releasing agent, then rinse with a special additive. This additive draw soils and stains out of your drapes. We do a final rinse using clean water, then vacuum leaving your drapery nearly dry. Our drapery cleaning service leaves curtains and drapes looking brand new.

Dry Cleaning – We offer dry cleaning for drapery. To dry clean drapery we pre-spray in small areas with the dry cleaning solvent, we employ several different techniques to remove spots and heavily soiled areas. Then we vacuum out the solvent cleaner and repeat on the next area.

Valances, Silks, Scarfs, Window Sets

We do all sizes and types of drapes! We can take your window treatments to our cleaning center where on-site staff use the same FiberCare technology to remove all dirt and stains, restore color, and protect with our anti-stain, long-lasting finish.

Outdoor Curtains

Our FiberCare technology works just as effectively on most outdoor curtains. Contact us to find out what our drapery cleaning service can do for your outdoor living space.