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Our flame repellant is certified at the NFPA701 standard, which is required for draperies and upholstery in public places. We charge an average price of $2.20 per yard and our turnaround time is approximately 5-7 business days.

Our state of the art chemical formulations and application techniques are environmentally safe, non-toxic and solvent dry cleanable. Certificate of flame repellant furnished with every paid order.

Flame repellant is a water-based process, which can cause shrinkage. For this reason, please expect up to 5% shrinkage and for loosely woven fabrics (like casement) up to 10%. Flame repellant can also dull the sheen of some silks. For delicate or high sheen silks, we recommend testing a sample.

If you are concerned about your order, let us test a sample of your fabric, we will then guarantee the results will match (identical fabric assumed).