Fabric Flame Proofing

Our fabric flame proofing repellent is certified at the NFPA701 standard, which is required for draperies and upholstery in public places. We charge an average price of $2.20 per yard and our turnaround time is approximately 5-7 business days.

We use a state of the art chemical formulation and application techniques that are environmentally safe, non-toxic and solvent dry cleanable. Certificate of flame repellent furnished with every paid order.

Our fabric flame proofing repellent is a water-based process, which can cause shrinkage. For this reason, please expect up to 5% shrinkage and for loosely woven fabrics (like casement) up to 10%. Flame repellent can also dull the sheen of some silks. For delicate or high sheen silks, we recommend testing a sample.

If you are concerned about your order, let us test a sample of your fabric, we will then guarantee the results will match (identical fabric assumed).

Fabric Flame Proofing in Dallas-Fort Worth!

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FiberCare Advanced Cleaning Technology

Our FiberCare Advanced Cleaning Technology removes the toughest stains imaginable, restoring colors to their original brightness, and protecting them with our anti-stain, long-lasting finish.

Our cleaning service starts with a pre-spray to loosen specific types of stains. We follow it up with an entire spraying with a live enzyme containing a soil releasing agent, then rinse with a special additive. This additive draws soils and stands from your fabrics. We do a final rinse with clean water, then vacuum leaving your fabrics nearly dry. Our FiberCare technology also protects your fabrics from spills and stains.

Automotive Upholstery

If your car detailer is not able to get out those tough stains, give us call. The same FiberCare technology we use for the home works just as effectively on automotive floors, seats, and headliners.

Outdoor Furniture

Our FiberCare technology works just as effectively on most outdoor chairs, pillows, and ottomans. Contact us to find out what our cleaning service can do for your outdoor living space.