Cleaning Window Blinds

There are many different type of blinds, from vinyl and aluminum to wood. We know the do’s and don’ts of how to clean every type of window blind.

Did you know that your window blinds can accumulate more than dust? Dusting won’t remove stains, bacteria, dust and other pollutants that can impact the air quality in your home.

Window coverings are especially crucial during the summer months when direct sunlight on windows can increase the temperature inside your house by several degrees. Blinds offer attractive protection from the sun.

Wood blinds can create a stunning look in a room, but you must be careful that wooden blinds do not warp. We can make sure your wooden blinds remain as stunning as they were the first day on your windows.

Blocking out the UV rays of the sun is an important duty for the blinds in any room. Over the years, the sun can damage furniture and carpeting inside any room in your home.

Dirty window blinds not only detract from the overall look of your home, but they can be a health hazard as well. Over time, blinds become a prime place for all kinds of allergens, bacteria, and insect debris to accumulate.

We can make sure your window blinds are always working properly. It’s easy for cords or wands to jam or break. We’ll worry about your window blinds so you don’t have to.