What is FiberCare?

FiberCare is an invisible, long-lasting finish that protects against spots, stains and spills. FiberCare works by impregnating fibers with co-polymer resins in a mineral spirit base. This means dust and dirt can’t get trapped within the fiber. Spills can be easily blotted up, dirt and grit can be more effectively removed by vacuuming or damp dusting, thereby, increasing fiber life. FiberCare can be applied to all fibers, new and old, even those that have been temporarily protected with mill level finishes such as Scotchguard or Teflon. FiberCare protects against both oil-base and water-base stains.

What Can Be Treated?

All fabrics and carpeting can be treated: upholstered furniture, carpets, Oriental rugs, seagrass, kilims dhurries, draperies, balloon and Roman shades, upholstered walls, bedspreads, comforters, canopies, dust ruffles and fabric headboards, table skirts. Don’t forget your car, yacht or plane and anything else you want to protect from spills, odors, body oils, smoke accumulation, drapery rot and abrasive dust and dirt.

In other words, we treat all the furnishings you want to keep looking great and lasting longer. Older and already existing fabrics and carpeting can also be treated, benefiting from FiberCare’s deep and long lasting protection.


FiberCare can be applied anywhere that is convenient for you, such as your home, office, store or warehouse. FiberCare is applied by trained personnel only. It is sprayed on in a fine mist. The amount applied depends on the fiber content, weight and backing; this is determined at the time of the treatment. FiberCare takes 2-3 hours to dry. Wet carpeting can be walked on, however, we do not encourage it.


FiberCare promises to help keep your fabrics looking great and lasting longer. This is accomplished through treatment and a personal maintenance consultation to show you how to care for your fabrics. All fabrics are different and so are your potential problems. With this in mind, we provide you with a complimentary Care-Free Clean-Up Kit and personal instructions on how to best maintain and care for your furnishings.


FiberCare enables you to enjoy your environment without fear or worry. You can use light colors and natural fibers knowing they can be adequately protected. We are always on call for questions, problems, consultations and referrals.

FiberCare will not change the color or feel of your fabric or carpeting.

FiberCare will last approximately three years with average wear and tear of your furnishings.

FiberCare will retard wear, soiling and staining.

Harsh acids, dyes and bleaches can cause permanent damage.