Linda Cantu

linda cantu fibercare

FiberCare was founded by two amazing people that are not just my friends but are my close family, Joan Friedman and Patrick O’Shaughnessy and they are very precious people to my heart and when I was asked to be a part of their company and take on wearing the FiberCare shoes. I was honored and it’s with great respect and gratitude that we as a family owned business can continue to provide not only a service but carry on the client relationships as we have been with care and caring for our clients and their furnishings.

We will provide the best service to our ability and do what we can to make you a happy long term customer. Our trained technicians will provide you excellent customer service and pay attention to detail. When we protect your furnishings we will tell you honestly what to expect from fabric protection and will guide you on how to care for spots, spills and other concerns.

We not only protect your upholstery with our fiber protection treatment, we also clean up accidents, spills and spot clean. Draperies, rugs, upholstered furniture items, headboards, lampshades, patio furniture and more. Our clients are amazing and wonderful. We are so fortunate to meet so many of the best people in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and beyond. We adore you all. Thank you for being the best customers ever!

FiberCare to us is all about caring and we will continue to be that company!

Lindalu Cantu / Owner
FiberCare Cleaning and Storage, LLC