Cleaning Tips

Do use a white cloth towel to blot up spots. Don’t use paper towels or colored towels.

Do blot with a clean towel until no more of the wet spot comes up, on carpet stomp on the towel to get up everything that is wet. Don’t rub.

If you have white wool carpet that has a yellow urine spot on it, do spray it with white vinegar and watch to see the yellow disappear. Then immediately dilute out the vinegar with water, and blot that out. This trick is only for wool carpet ! Don’t leave the vinegar in the carpet.

To now clean the urine out of your nylon carpet use one teaspoon of powdered washing machine detergent, do not use dishwashing liquid, do not use dish washer detergent, make sure your washing machine detergent is bleach free. Put this teaspoon of washing machine detergent in a 16 ounce spray bottle and add a little hot water to melt the crystals, then fill with cool water and shake it. You do now have a bottle of sudsless cleanser!

Do spray your carpet liberally with the sudsless cleanser, work it in the urine with your hands (ok, some of you will have to wear gloves!) and blot or stomp it out with a white towel repeat this until your towel comes out colorless. Do blot out all excess cleanser. If you have wool carpet, do dilute out with clear water.

Do use the sudsless cleanser to damp dust your protected furnishings. Don’t use this on silk, linen or rayon carpet.

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